Michael Anton has the Confederate delusion of victory in an unwinnable conflict
The right keeps vindicating Judith Butler’s critique of transphobia
Podcast: A Disease of EmpireListen now (59 min) | Natalie Shure on Havana Syndrome skepticism
John Schoenherr was the first to give Frank Herbert's novel visual form, in images that continue to shape how the epic novel is imagined
Podcast: Manchin’s Machinations and Sinema’s SchemesListen now (38 min) | Ryan Cooper on the Democratic Senators who are dismantling the Democrat’s agenda
A new article illuminates the American right's romance with Hungarian authoritarianism
The revanchist right used to have quiet cosmopolitan coteries but now the alliances are much louder and more public
Podcast: David Shor’s “Popularism” Listen now (42 min) | Doug Bell on the promise and peril of poll based politicking
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