Michael Anton has the Confederate delusion of victory in an unwinnable conflict
Some changes for the Time of Monsters
Podcast: The Ethics of Appearing on Tucker CarlsonListen now (26 min) | Katie Halper on when to go on Fox and when to stay away
Podcast: The Book Reviewing CrisisListen now (54 min) | Emily M. Keeler on why criticism is essential and endangered
Overturning Roe is not the end of the Christian right’s mission
Podcast: The Post Roe EraListen now (46 min) | Linda Hirshman on why the attack on women’s rights will only get worse
Podcast: The Stakes in the War Against Critical Race TheoryListen now (70 min) | John Ganz on the right’s goal of rolling back civil rights
Notes on the polemicist’s unsettled legacy
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The Time of Monsters