Vaccine Hoarding is the Real Biden Scandal

Criticizing the Democratic President for not making global health a priority is a net good.

Joe Biden’s foes make it easy to disregard them by constantly harping on fake scandals (Hunter Biden’s laptop! Kamala Harris’s Memorial Day Tweet!). So it’s important to take note of a criticism that actually hits the mark. I was very heartened to see the National Review go after Biden’s “utterly embarrassing failure to quickly send extra U.S. vaccine doses overseas.”

It is embarrassing. Equally shameful is the vaccine hoarding of Canada, Western Europe, and other wealthy nations. As Sue Halpern of the New Yorker notes, “without a concerted global commitment to vaccine equity, poorer regions will remain vulnerable to ferocious outbreaks, giving the SARS-CoV-2 virus the opportunity to evolve and, in a worst-case scenario, result in a chronic, never-ending pandemic.”

This is one area where partisanship should be junked. More broadly, it’s also a case where acting in self-interest aligns with the common good. If Biden’s critics want to scream at him for not ramping up global vaccination efforts, then the proper response, from even Biden’s biggest fans, is to join them in the yelling

(Edited by Emily Keeler).

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