"American troops are in South Korea to guard against an invasion from North Korea,"??

Seriously? North Korea has never invaded South Korea, and would have no reason to do so, had the US not blocked free and fair elections in 1950.

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I know this is naive but I still think it's valid: US troops take a solemn oath to defend the US and its Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. That's it. There is ZERO justification for throwing them into combat in distant lands based on tissue-thin what-ifs and second-wave feminism's convictions about liberating a population of girls about whom the feminists know nothing.

Secondly, all those piping up now about the horrors of Afghanistan should LITERALLY take up arms and go over there. Wild as this sounds, it certainly is not unprecedented. Thousands of foreigners who were outraged by General Franco's invasion of Republican Spain in the 1930s rushed to that government's defense, including hundreds of Americans (the Lincoln Brigade). And as the Taliban have proved, a force equipped with only small arms can be quite effective.

As for resettling Afghans in the West, two points: Many of those who worked as interpreters and in other capacities for US forces had a habit of betraying their American friends to the enemy. Do we want these guys over here? And just for once when it comes to refugee settlement and the like, let's put every single one of these Afghans in the apparently most sympathetic and, coincidentally, very zip codes, including Martha's Vineyard and The Hamptons. After all, it was their fully owned politicians who got the US into this mess. Let's see how they like cleaning it up, for a change.

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