You've gotta start introducing the podcasts with "The old world is dying. The new struggles to be born. Now is the Time of Monsters Podcast. I'm your host Jeet Heer. Today on the pod…" It's very close, but stopping to put the asterisk on the quote sort of kills the momentum. Just push through and put the asterisk on the About page of the Substack.

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So much is needed for a good literary review, other than the obvious, like grammar, spelling and punctuation, one must also understand the elements of good style, context, interpretation and composition, as well as scholarly correctness/accuracy, in addition to the evidentiary trail and leaps of logic of conclusions drawn.

By comparison, refereeing math proofs is easy: completeness, brevity, simplicity, reliability, constructability, logic, reproducibility and consistency are the standards of quality for a mathematics peer reviewer. Thanks for deconstructing so much of the expository writing that I consume outside my field.

Subjectivity and Objectivity in the English language fascinates me, I'm always impressed at how well you are able to construct your critical work and make the complex or inscrutable relationships of divers topics more understandable..

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