Dec 9, 2021 • 1HR 19M

Podcast: Greenwald Strikes Back

Glenn Greenwald answers some criticisms

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Smiling Glenn Greenwald and grumpy Oliver Stone, who was kept waiting because of this podcast (photo courtesy of Greenwald)

On November 30, I posted an interview I did with the journalist Eoin Higgins where we discussed the polemicist Glenn Greenwald, particularly his increasing willingness to ally himself with Fox News.

Greenwald was not happy with this interview and issued a stern rebuke:

I took Greenwald’s words as a challenge and responded:

Greenwald, to his credit and my delight, took up the implied offer. After some haggling, we agreed to record a discussion of our differences. Much of the conversation is taken up with our disagreements about Tucker Carlson’s racism. For a good and detailed timeline of racist statements made by Carlson (with many links), I recommend this Media Matters dossier (a pdf file). 

I’m grateful to Greenwald for his generosity with his time. The conversation went on so long that Greenwald kept the film director Oliver Stone waiting. 

If you have any thoughts on our discussion on one side or the other, you can leave a comment below or on Twitter.

(Edited by Emily M. Keeler)

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