Podcast: The Long Shadow of 9/11

David Klion joins to discuss Afghanistan, American memory, and unprocessed trauma on the national scale


The withdrawal of the American troops from Afghanistan occurred just weeks before the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The timing of the two events suggest an opportunity to reflect not only on 9/11, but the long shadow it has cast over the world.

To take up the topic, I spoke with frequent guest David Klion. He recently wrote a very thoughtful essay in New York magazine on the 9/11 Museum. 

Among the topics David and I took up were: the politics of the museum, the way the grief over 9/11 was repurposed by the George W. Bush administration, the nature of unprocessed trauma, the radical reasonableness of Susan Sontag, the adverse reaction to such reasonableness, the corruption and lies that governed the mission in Afghanistan, and the backlash Joe Biden is receiving for his decision to withdraw.

(Post edited by Emily M. Keeler)

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